Experience & Practice in Presiding at Arbitrations

  Although the majority of my arbitrations have been single arbitrator proceedings, I have substantial experience as the chair of three arbitrator panels. Occasionally I am the only neutral. Sometimes I am selected by party appointed arbitrators and sometimes I am appointed by the AAA. 42 years of experience trying lawsuits to juries, judges, commissions and arbitration panels has provided an extensive background in how a case can be administered efficiently, with courtesy and with respect for the problems counsel face in preparing and presenting contested issues.

  In recent years the advent of electronic communication has allowed me to administer cases almost entirely by e-mail and telephone if the parties wish to do so. The result is efficiency and prompt disposition of matters needing to be dealt with. I can access my e mails from anywhere with access to the internet and I check them regularly. The result is that I am readily accessible and make it a practice to rule promptly on discovery and procedural matters so that cases do not bog down waiting for rulings. I do my best to be right and fair. I operate on the theory that a prompt and fair ruling on discovery matters is usually better than a late and closer to perfect one.

Some of the arbitrators with whom I have worked as a arbitrator are listed below.

William Quinby
Oakland , CA
Tyrone Holt
Denver, CO
James Lyons
Denver, CO
Frederick (Jerry) Connover
Denver, CO
Edwin Kahn
Denver, CO
Richard H. Ralston
Kansas City, MO
Thomas Crisham
Chicago, IL
Daniel P. Collins
Phoenix, AZ
Gordon "Skip" Netzorg
Denver, CO
Dale R. Harris
Denver, CO
Hon. Terry Ruckriegle
Breckenridge, CO
Joseph McMahon
Denver, CO
Louis Remele
Minneapolis, MN
William Bianco
Denver, CO
Carole Roslund
Denver, CO
Connie L. Peterson
Denver, CO
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